• Wow, these bras are amazing! I’m in LOVE. They feel great, wear great and are soo comfortable. Finally a great bra. Emily, NC
  • I was a non-believer but now I believe EVERY woman should have one. Sally, OR
  • No question! These bras are absolutely AMAZING… – Adrienne, Bloomingdale, IL
  • Love this thing – Annie, Lexington, KY
  • Best Bra EVER! Everyone needs a few – Camile, Boulder, CO
  • I can’t believe it fits me but it does … perfectly – Lauren, Cornelius, NC
  • Nothing feels as good as my seamless bra to sleep in – Donna, Dallas, TX
  • I’ve worn this bra for 4 days in a row and love it – Jenny, Knoxville, TN
  • Seriously… my favorite bra! Everyone needs one – Halley, Boston, MA
  • My friend gave me the this bra and I’d like to say thank you Susan!!! – MaryAnne, LA, CA
  • Can’t live without it – Sarah, Charlotte, NC
  • I bought one for everyone in my family – Tanisha, New Orleans, LA
  • The best bra for the money hands down – Melissa, Miami, FL
  • My seamless bra is my security blanket – Allison, Tulsa, OK
  • You said it would fit almost every body – I’m a 36 G and it fits! Mary, Houston, TX
  • This is my 3rd time ordering for my friends – they love them. Angela, Rockville, MD
  • Please tell me when you have more colors – I want every one. Cindy, Naples, FL
  • This is the ONLY bra my “new girls” are happy in. Thank you. Lisa, Bellingham, WA
  • I recommend almost every patient who’s had an augmentation to get several of these bras.
  • Pure comfort. Janet, Cleveland, OH
  • My daughter gave me this bra for my 69th birthday. I love it. Sandra, Macon, GA
  • I’m blown away – I need 3 more!. Milly, Huntersville, NC
  • This is the best bra for a young breast cancer survivor!! I love them. It’s my favorite find of the year! Susan, Winchester, VA
  • I don’t like to layer clothing, but many tops are designed to have something underneath. These bras give me the confidence of coverage without the bulk of layers. They have allowed me to greatly increase my wardrobe! Love the colors too! Suzanne, Traverse City, MI
  • I love these bras! It’s the only bra I wear now! Niki, Mountain View, CA
  • I have 7 regular one size bras I wear for everyday which I LOVE!!! Pat, Los Gatos, CA
  • I HATE bras. Not mildly hate them, but REALLY hate them. Usually, first thing when I get home from work is to take my bra off. My three kids know not to talk to me until the bra is gone. Your amazing product has softened me up a great deal. There are actually times when I forget to take it off for a couple of hours. Well done crew… Well done. Susan, Idaho Falls, ID
  • WOW!!! What an amazing product, what an amazing fit (I wasn’t really holding out much hope for a good fit after years of having to settle for poor fit). I’ll never buy another crappy bra again! Your company has totally eliminated hours of shopping frustration. Count me in as a lifetime fan/customer! Carrie, Narol, Canada
  • From one nursing mother to another, I think you will love this bra! I have been nursing for about 4 months already and prefer these over any other bra. Mel, Mint Hill, NC
  • I wanted to say thank you again for the “no hassle” in regards to the first defective one I received. It is companies and people like yourself that make customers satisfied and I must say that I will continue to shop with you guys because of your wonderful customer support! Stephanie, Thornton, CO
  • I’ve been wearing the these bras since my double mastectomy and have found them to be by far the most comfortable for my very changed body. Barbara, Boston, MA
  • I heard about this bra from an ad in a magazine my mom gave me. On a whim I decided to try them. Well…I just received my order today and I must tell you they are the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I am small chested and was worried about the “one size fits all” but there is no issue. I will be sticking to this bra from now on and I will be passing the word along. Rachel, Byron, MI
  • I just have to say that I have finally found the one! I got 2 different styles and I love love love the way it feels! The support is just right and it moves with me. I clean houses and need something not only comfortable, but breathable and something that isn’t going to require constant adjustment. Bonnie, Columbia, NC
  • I had a double mastectomy. I wear this bra with my swimsuit cup because it’s much better and more comfortable. So glad I found them. I love the full size. It fits me much better. Crystal, Columbus, OH
  • Just wanted to say what an amazing bra I received. I love it. Comfortable, fits good and I’m a big chested woman. Sherry, Auburn, IN
  • I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with this bra!!! They are so wonderfully comfortable. It’s the only bra I’ve ever had that I wasn’t anxious to get out of at the end of the day. Elizabeth, Knoxville, TN
  • When my bras arrived and I tried one on, I wanted to cry! I have never been so happy! There are days when I forget that I even have it on, it is so comfortable! Dina, Orlando, FL
  • Love them! They are super comfortable. Sheila, Indian Trail, NC
  • I want to say that I love this bra! I’ve been wearing this bra and underwear for a few years ever since I discovered you guys. I’m never switching to any other bra! These are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever found. They allow me so much more freedom and are awesome to wear everyday for any activity. Whether I am dancing, doing yoga, hiking, working or under my little black dress. I just love them. Katherine, Portland, OR
  • When my doctor told me I could get a normal bra after my breast augmentation, I could not find a single bra that as comfortable. I came across your website and after reading about your products I decided I had to try it. Nothing else worked. I want to share with the world that I finally found the most comfortable bra ever! After 6 months of discomfort, I finally found something that is extremely comfortable and so pretty. I just ordered 4 more bras and several of your camisoles. They are so comfortable. It will be the only bras and camisoles I will ever wear again! Jade, Oakhurst, NJ
  • I am a full figured female who loves (and fits into) your bras! Judith, Polk City, FL
  • I’m in love!!! I just received my new bras and tossed those old underwires in the Trash!!! Mindy, Los Angeles, CA
  • After double mastectomy and during reconstruction these bras have been the best! So comfortable! They’re all I want to wear now! Pam, Norco, CA
  • This bra is awesome and hold prosthetics in place. I remove the shapers and just slip them in BEFORE putting the bra on. I love the wide band and the wide sides as it hold all the extra skin that you have left after surgery. And they do not drop with the weight of the prosthetics! Mary Lynn, Nevada, IA
  • I have been wearing this bra for the past 2 weeks and they are FANTASTIC! They are extremely comfortable and well made. Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. Lorenda, Chicopee, MA
  • I received my bras very quickly. I like them a lot! They wash up nice in the main wash. I let them air dry. I am a nurse and they are so comfortable under my scrubs for bending and stretching! I’m very glad I bought them! Patti, Sun Lakes, AZ
  • About a year ago I won a this bra. I was skeptical at first but since then it has become my favorite, most used bra. I don’t go anywhere without it and wear it almost everyday. I’ve had other bras but none of them support and cover like this one. I’ll never buy another bra again! Shakira, Taylor, MI
  • I have several of these bras and love them! I don’t think I will wear a regular bra again! Victoria, Pound Ridge, NY
  • You are correct about loving this bra. I ordered two and absolutely love them. There will definitely be more in my future! Lisa, Concord, NC
  • I’m madly in love with your bras since my breast augmentation. I just purchased a few more (and already had a few). Can’s get enough!! Gianna, Santa Rosa, CA
  • I used to hate bras. Couldn’t wait to get home and take it off. I had a friend recommend this bra and I ordered a couple. And fell in love!!! So comfortable- great form in all tops. I can wear this bra for 18 hours without even thinking about it. My only complaint was from my husband- they weren’t very sexy. I just ordered one of each of the new all lace designs. Guess what?! Now we’re both happy!!! THANK YOU!!! Robin, Gurnee, IL
  • I am so glad to have found this bra!!! It is excellent and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much!!! Rebecca, Lakewood, CO
  • You’ve gotta get this seamless bra for your boobies! LOVE!!! Michelle, Monterey, CA
  • I received my bras. I was so excited to try them! I love, love, love them! I wished I would have ordered them sooner. Nancy, Columbia, SC
  • These bras have changed my life! As a breast cancer survivor, I struggle with the issue of two different sizes. These bras have made that issue a thing of the past. Thank you! Lisa, McDonald, OH
  • I received it yesterday and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Mary, Evansville, MN
  • I have a significant surgical scar on my back from the removal of a lung. The bra is soft, supportive and does not exacerbate my back pain as have other bras. I spread the word freely at the physical therapy center where I continue to exercise regularly. Thank you!. Beth, McCloud, CA
  • I received my first shipment the other day. I am a 32B and I have a very hard time finding good-fitting, comfortable bras. I also have very sensitive skin that is easily irritated by many different kinds of fabrics. These are the softest, best-fitting bras I have ever had. Thank you! Marceline, Raleigh, NC
  • Received my bras. Thank you. They are perfect. Kelly, Huntington Beach, CA
  • I recently got your bras in a gift bag from the Haute Mom’s Life launch! Just wanted to say that they are amazing and I am a huge fan. Thank you for being awesome! You’re making nursing for me (and I’m sure many other moms) easier and more manageable! Hooray! Meiko, San Diego, CA
  • This is my favorite bra! Frances, Greensboro, NC
  • I’ve been wearing this bra for awhile and love them. After a recent mastectomy and reconstruction, I was told not to wear a bra with any underwire. This bra is the most perfect and wonderful bra to wear under any circumstances. In this particular situation, it is absolutely perfect!!! So thank you so much for a great bra!!!! Marsha, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Love your bras because they are better than the Ahhh Bra & Genie Bra. I’m a customer for life! Thank you. Sherry, Rowlett, TX
  • I wash (padding out/cold water/gentle/hang dry) and wear this bra constantly. It is by far the best bra I’ve ever owned. It’s so comfortable. This bra fits like a glove, and gives me a naturally attractive silhouette. The removable padding is just right. It isn’t here for any other reason but comfort and necessity. It’s light, so I’m not pushed out to Timbuktu, it stops ‘headlights’ in their tracks, and, to boot – that padding acts as an extra layer, keeping me warm while I.. well, live! So! This is my testimony, along with a giant THANK YOU! I love it, and am so appreciative! Audra, Saint Clair Shores, MI
  • I love, love, love your bras. I wear them everyday rather than a traditional bra. Maria, Wilmette, IL
  • Best mastectomy bra ever. Comfortable. Emma, Unicoi, TN

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